Grenfell Royal Far West news

President's report

I am pleased to present my 2019 presidents report. All our members are dedicated to helping Royal Far West; give our country children health treatments they can't access from their own areas.

We had two street stalls both being successful, but the September one was washed out early with a bad thunder storm, good for country though.

Our members Party was held at Marie Cotters home and we had a great lunch contributed by all the members and a happy afternoon with a gift to take home.

In July Marie Cotter, Jenny Wells and Myself attended conference in Manly, staying in the comfortable Drummond House.

Which is now joined by corridors to the New Royal Far West state of the art Building for Childrens Health Country wide.

It is a beautiful, functional, comfortable place including the school with everything any parent or child would want or need.

Families should thrive here. We updated our information on programs for all types of problems children have.

Telecare is being utilized more, as it saves children and their families from the trauma of numerous provides one on one consultation of the child and specialist.

These programs are varied, speech therapy in schools, other programs in clinics and doctors surgeries.

The service Royal Far West Logo has been changed.

Our memorable, colourful stick figures have been retired; you will now see a Kite that colours represent the country where our kids live.

Sky, Earth, Sun and Trees.

The Fortnightly Pub Raffles at the Royal Hotel are our Bread and Butter funds.

To the patrons for their continuous and generous support a huge thank you must be given Publican Liz Smith contributes very generously towards the prizes, thank you Liz, your ongoing support is appreciated by all of us and the country kids who benefit from the funds we raise.

Volunteers Sylvia Petersons and Gary Halloran conduct the raffle for Royal Far West when I can not be there, also fold tickets and deal with prizes etc every fortnight, they are really appreciated and given my sincere thanks.

In December Marie Cotter hosted our Christmas Party in her festively decorated home; we all had a great time and went home with a lovely gift each.

In December Marie Cotter hosted our Christmas Party in her festively decorated home; we all had a great time and went home with a lovely gift each.

Margaret Cuddihy

Christmas in July had 61 attendees.

Raffle and lucky doors were beautifully presented and wrapped by Marie Kier and Marie Cotter, who also organized a stall of goods to sell on the day.

All these extras were very successful.

We were fortunate

My sincere thanks also to have Tara Tan from Head Office Manly attending Tara gave a clear overview of the new things happening at Manly and country wide.

Tara came to our unit and spoke to members and answered our questions after the event was over.

My sincere thanks go to Marie Cotter, my vice President/Secretary, for her enthusiasm for all our events, her delicious cooking and help when and wherever we need her.

Marie also has held our meetings at her comfortable home .

the Treasurer Jennifer Wells, , who keeps our accounts in order, organizes and cooks for our street stalls.

To all our members who are the backbone of our organisation, Marie C, Jenny, Marie and Peter, Marie K, and Bill they give so much of their valuable time, to sell tickets, man stalls, provide delicious cooking, donate goods and give me moral support or a friendly call that is always appreciated.

We have only six working members and one volunteer, last year we were able to forward $11,000.00 to Royal Far West to help our Country Kids.

Thank you to the Grenfell Record and Neil Langford at 2LF, for our complimentary publicity.

Last but certainly not least thank you to our generous community of Grenfell, who never fail to support our unique cause.

I know the executive will have the support of the members that I have received for seventeen years.

Once again thank you all.

Margaret Cuddihy

Grenfell sub-branch Royal Far West AGM

Royal Far West held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Marie Cotters home.

Margaret welcomed six members, one volunteer and two guests and accepted one apology.

Minutes of the 2018 AGM were read by Secretary Marie Cotter.

Margaret gave her Presidents Report (copy of the report can be found above in this issue) and Treasurer Jenny Wells then gave her report.

Glenice Clarke accepted the reports and congratulated us saying she was impressed by such a small group raising the amounts they have.

Sylvia Petersons then took the chair for the elections.

We didn't nominate a Patron this year but the entire executive was returned unanimously:

President and Publicity officer - Margaret Cuddihy

Vice President and Secretary - Marie Cotter

Treasurer - Jenny Wells

Bill Cuddihy won the raffle and Marie Young won the door prize.

We then had a lovely afternoon tea and a chat.

President and publicity officer Margaret Cuddihy