Grenfell Red Cross to hold meeting

Grenfell branch of Red Cross is holding its Annual Meeting on Friday July 26 at 2pm in The Hub.

Visitors are most welcome to attend in the warmth of The Hub, and a very good afternoon tea is assured.

Guests will hear of the exploits of the branch in the past year - all monies put towards the many worthy activities of the Red Cross in Australia and overseas.

Grenfell branch directed funds to the Queensland Disaster Relief Fund appeal, and to the Official Appeal for Farmers, and is very aware of the generosity of the people of Grenfell.

Joan Cations, of the Grenfell Food Hall, has accepted an invitation to be the Guest Speaker - there are Food Halls in many country towns, and it will be interesting to hear about the one in Grenfell.

At the June meeting, president Wendy Anderson welcomed thirteen members, including newest member Caroline Bragg, and there were three apologies.

Arrangements were made for the Annual Meeting on July 26 and Wendy thanked members for helping to do a window in the street for the Henry Lawson Festival.

The following dates were alerted:

July 3 - Morongla Red Cross Annual meeting.

July 31 - Grenfell Hospital Auxiliary Meeting.

August 4 - Meals on Wheels deliveries.

See you with a warm welcome at The Hub on July 26, 2019.