A bird's-eye view at the Pacific Black Duck with Jenn Graham | Video

Perhaps the most common and widespread duck in Australia, the Pacific Black duck is found everywhere except inland deserts. Although they're brown and not black, the black mask-like stripe across their eyes is distinctive and for me, makes them completely handsome (Remember the Lone Ranger and Zorro?) and the flash of vibrant green occasionally visible in their wings, turns them from somewhat ordinary to spectacular!

Pacific Black ducks are related to the introduced Mallard and the females do mate with them, possibly to the detriment of the species. She nests in a variety of spots, including re-using other waterbirds abandoned nests, utilising the flat sections of Tree and Bird's Nest Ferns and in tree hollows and hollow logs.

Pacific Black ducks feed on seeds of aquatic (and land) vegetation, crustaceans, yabbies and insects, and if we humans must feed the ducks, it's better to do so with lettuce, spinach, sprouts, milk thistle or worms. (And Budgie or Canary seed is preferable to bread or pet food.)