Council votes for a change in priority for funding

Weddin Shire Council has changed its priorities for where it should direct funding in Grenfell under the Drought Communities Program.

At its June meeting councillors voted not to proceed with an application under the program for $80,000 in funding for the de-silting of Company Dam, the process of removing a build up of silt that washes into dams from surrounding areas.

Council chambers.

Council chambers.

Instead the council will seek $40,000 in funds for a pipeline to Bembrick Oval and add a further $40,000 to a $78,000 application for netball court upgrades.

The projects have to be approved before they are able to be submitted under the Drought Communities Program before proceeding through the process.

Council has $1 million worth of projects to be taken into consideration under the program.

Council's Director of Engineering James Rath told councillors at the June meeting that the council was considering having Company Dam de-prescribed and increasing the dam level by de-silting would make it difficult for this to happen.

Mr Rath advised that the priorities change would not include an irrigation system at the oval but "would get the water there" from the sewer works to the rugby league ground.

Mr Rath went on to describe the pipeline as a "sustainable project" in preference to work on Company Dam.

"From an engineering view I don't think it is good practice to de-silt something that is just going to silt up again," he said.

Mayor Mark Liebich described the proposal as a great result.

"We'll be able to keep the water in Company Dam for longer and provide water to Bembrick Oval," he said.

Mr Rath confirmed to council the project could be completed by the end of this year if it was approved as part of council's application.

Not speaking against the change, Councillor Paul Best, told council he believed it would be extremely difficult to have Company Dam de-prescribed.