Grenfell photographer focuses on the prize

With judging completed for the 2019 photography competition, its time to come in and check out the competition! Competition judge, Kim Storey had a challenging time selecting the prize-winners.

"The open categories were particularly difficult to judge with some really nice imagery and compositions,"she said.

Denise Yates' stunning image "Mt Batur Rising.

Denise Yates' stunning image "Mt Batur Rising.

The winner of the competition's statuette was local photographer, Denise Yates, with her stunning image "Mt Batur Rising". Another local prize-winner was Cassie Griffin with her image of "Sunrise Spiderweb Icicles".

Competition Coordinator, Tina Cooper said: "It was great to see entrants engaging with the festival theme this year, and we want to thank all entrants as well as the winners for their time, talent and commitment to the competition."

The photography exhibition will comprise of all entries and will be on display in the library.

Entry is included in the Art Exhibition fee so there is only one entry fee for both displays.

Section 1 - Ode to Winter Colour 1st - "Ice Hike" - Denise Yates.

2nd - "Sunrise Spiderweb Icicles" - Cassie Griffin.

3rd - "Winter Beauty - Snowgums" - Pauline Thomson.

Section 2 - Ode to Winter Monochrome 1st - "Ice Mountain" - Denise Yates.

2nd - "Rapture" - Diny Jones.

3rd - "Barren Beauty" - Diny Jones.

Section 3 - Adult Open 1st - "Mt Batur" - Denise Yates.

2nd - "Kaikoura"- Christopher Byrne.

3rd - "Milky Way & Venus" - Denise Yates.

Highly Commended - "Ships of the Desert" - Ashley Cooper.

Section 3 - Junior Open 1st - "Grandma's Garden" - Libby Wilder.

2nd - "Snails" - Libby Wilder.

3rd - "Darcy" - Libby Wilder.