Henry Lawson displays provide an insight into Grenfell

Anthony Doyle, the Business Advisor from Business HQ, was delighted to visit Grenfell on Tuesday June 4 to judge the 2019 Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts Window Competition.

Of greater significance than the displays or the festival itself, the entries in the 2019 window competition gave an insight into the truly remarkable community that is Grenfell.

The entries embody the spirit of Grenfell - a unified, motivated, creative and enthusiastic community. A journey through the entries in the competition, is a journey for the senses, a riffling through nostalgic memories and a feast for the eyes.

Following the green entry numbers offers a showcase of quality, innovative and vibrant businesses who together form an outstanding retail hub, which is easily, one of the best in regional NSW.

To award prizes for the windows in the competition is no easy feat.

Each window tells the tale of winter, and what winter means to the creator of the entry. There is incredible innovation and creativity in the interpretations of "Ode to Winter", the 2019 Festival theme. The viewer is taken to all manner of places and memories as they stand before the displays. As a proud Australian and son of the Western Region, it was references to Australia and the Australian bush that stirred the judge's patriotism.

Not only patriotic but educated, the viewer becomes, as they claim their 5 sheep at The Tin Cupboard's window, and then wonder who feeds them.

A few steps on learn of the old winter remedies for cold and flu at the Grenfell Pharmacy.

The journey offers an insight into Lawson himself and his personal qualities at the Christian Bookshop.

The unmistakable aroma of burning pine mixing with the oily ink of old newsprint filled the air along the journey at the CWA's display in the window of Louisa's Locker.

Vavoom Hair Studio stirs nostalgic memories of winter camping trips along the Lachlan River.

For those who have memories of a grandmother who knitted, the cockles of your heart will be stirred at the Gunyah Craft Shop.

This journey of senses and memories turns to a feast for the eyes at Gordon Garling Moffitt with the white unmistakable reindeer, and the 3D reference to Lawson's mustache.

It is at Grenfell Furniture that the eyes boggle at winter references across four incredible windows the match of any store on any of Australia's' iconic shopping strips.

It is however and rightly at the "paper-shop" Grenfell Newsagency, the meeting place of any Australian country town that the history of the festival, the "ode to winter" and the celebration of writing and poetry comes together simply elegantly and visually with this year's winning window.

1st - Grenfell Newsagency, 2nd - Grenfell Furniture & Whitegoods, 3rd - The Tin Cupboard, Highly Commended - Gordon Garling Moffitt, Commended - Grenfell Pharmacy.

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