Red Cross collecting outside voting venues


Grenfell Branch of Red Cross president Wendy Anderson.

Grenfell Branch of Red Cross president Wendy Anderson.

President Wendy Anderson welcomed fourteen members of Red Cross to the first meeting of the new year on Friday, February 22.

Wendy then presented newest member, Cherie Pattrick, with her Red Cross name badge.

The main matter for discussion was the upcoming "Red Cross Calling" which takes place all over NSW in the month of March.

When there is a state election in March, Red Cross has permission to have a collection point outside the voting venue, this will take place on Saturday March 23.

President of the Grenfell Branch of Red Cross, Wendy Anderson, reminds residents to dig deep when you see the Grenfell volunteers in action and support this extremely important charity with a gold coin donation.

"Your support helps Red Cross be there for people at home and overseas, whether it's standing by someone as they recover from disaster, helping someone get to their hospital appointments when no one else is around, lending a hand to newly arrived migrants and much more," says Mrs Anderson.

If you are voting online but would still like to support the Red Cross Calling visit

It was decided to send $1000 to the Disaster Relief Fund Appeal for the flood recovery in Queensland - this was seconded by all present.

Dates were received for Meals on Wheels, two street stalls (Friday, May 3 and Friday and Saturday November 29 and 30) with the MPS party being on Thursday, September 26, 2019.

Street stall donations of saleable items will be gratefully accepted.

The next meeting of the Grenfell branch of Red Cross is on Friday,  March 22, in the Melyra Street Senior Citizens meeting room at 2pm.

Please note new members are always most welcome and encouraged to attend.

Hope to see you there!!

RED CROSS: Providing relief in times of crisis and care when it's needed most.