Resident wants Nats to please explain

Dear Editor,

It seems Steph Cooke is having difficulty with the transition from Fairy Godmother to spin doctor.

After Katrina Hodgkinson had enough and crossed the floor in Parliament and resigned, Steph has signed up to toe the party line.

Her TAFE letter of 8th March was spun out spin of cherry picked details only providing red herrings. A few students here and there where there should be many more. TAFE student and teacher numbers have been in decline for years under her Nationals and Liberals.

The leader of the Nationals John Barilaro is on television now saying they have made some mistakes and are trying to rebuild trust.

My brave little mate the Ooomanakker bird told me he tried to tell them forced council amalgamations, banning greyhounds, protecting feral animals, knocking down stadiums, shutting down stock routes to pinch a few greenie votes etc, etc, was just plain dumb. They wouldn't listen to him and now wonder why they are in such a mess and nobody loves them anymore.


John Niven