Keep an eye out for scooters

Are you up-to-date with the latest mobility scooter regulations?

Are you up-to-date with the latest mobility scooter regulations?

Dear Editor,

There is an increasing number of mobility scooters in our town, but it is clear that not all the drivers as well as other road users, are aware of the regulations regarding their use.

The main conditions/ guidelines as issued by Authorities, including the NSW Government's Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety, are as follows:

1/ Speed is restricted to a maximum of 10km p/h.

2/ Scooters are regarded as pedestrians and should travel on a footpath, if available.

3/ If there is no footpath, scooters may travel on a road on either side, keeping as close to the edge as possible.

4/ As a safety measure, where possible, drive on the right hand side to face oncoming traffic.

5/ In a busy pedestrian area, drive at a walking pace.

A Stien



There's lots of tips and guidelines available to ensure safe travelling on your scooter by visiting  Other safety guidelines include:

  • You don’t need a NSW driver licence to operate a mobility scooter
  • Use a flag and wear bright clothes when riding your mobility scooter to make sure cars and pedestrians can see you.
  • Your ability to use a mobility scooter can be affected by your health and any medications you’re taking. Check with your doctor before riding.
  • Always slow down and look and listen for cars when crossing driveways, as drivers may not have seen you.