Back to school: the countdown


Being organised for when your child goes back to school takes a lot of the stress out of the first week, any week for that matter. Here are some ideas for making life easy for you and the family. 

One month before school starts

Review school booklists and schedule time to get necessary school supplies.

If you have not done so already, sign up your kids for sports and after-school activities.

Ensure after-school care arrangements are booked

Sort through the kids' clothing; donate or hand down what does not fit.

Three weeks before school starts

Gather your hubby's old shirts for art smocks; place in backpacks.

Purchase backpacks, lunchboxes, and water bottles as needed.

Purchase basic wardrobe necessities for each child as needed.

Double check the technology needed for the classroom

Two weeks before school starts

Schedule kids' haircuts as needed.

Schedule a ‘try on’ day to make sure your child has everything and that it fits.

Start the real world school-year bedtime routine, including setting aside time for reading. 

Reinforce the joys of a place for everything and everything in its place.

One week before school starts

Set up a "launch pad" in a convenient location near the front door. Get one basket or crate for each child; use these baskets for your kids' belongings, e.g. books, hat, gloves, sports equipment.

Make a "favourite foods" list for each of your children.

Bulk shopping: Stock up on non-perishable basics like sandwich bags, tissues and snack foods.

You can also stock up on stationary supplies like permanent markers, pencils, pens, tissues, and loose leaf paper.

Five days before school starts

Sit down with your planner and write in the entire school calendar for all schools attended by your children. Don't forget to put all sports practices, games, and other after-school activities in the planner.

Three days before school starts

Plan meals for the first week of school.

 Grocery shopping: Be sure to make a list; include items needed for your meal plan and from your child(ren)'s "favourite foods" list.

One day before school starts

Prepare lunches and snacks for the first day of school

Pack supplies in backpacks

Lay out clothes for first day of school

Set alarm clocks

Make sure your phone is charged and ready for the first day of school pics.

First Day of School: