Man apologises at court for choking another person

Dawson apologises in court for choking offence.
Dawson apologises in court for choking offence.

A man formerly of Grenfell has been convicted of choking a person without consent and will be subject to an intensive corrections order.

Neil Ronald Dawson, 55, pleaded guilty to multiple domestic violence related charges including intentionally choking a person without consent, assault and intimidation. He was convicted and handed multiple year-long community corrections orders and a 12 month intensive corrections order. At court, Dawson apologised for his actions.

“I’m really, really sorry, from the bottom of my heart,” Dawson said after the sentencing.

According to police statements, Dawson was intoxicated at the time of the offence about 2pm on January 2 this year at Grenfell. The facts reveal that Dawson became enraged when he noticed the tent he was setting up had a hole in it.

An argument sparked between him and the victim after Dawson, according to facts, hurt the victim’s dog. The offences occurred soon after. According to police, Dawson pushed and hit the victim before choking them with his two hands. Police at Grenfell were notified and about 5.45pm Dawson was taken Young Police Station. 

“These are offences we hear about all too often,” Magistrate Michael O’Brien said. “We often hear of them on the morning or evening news. These are offences that occur in the sanctuary of someone’s home, where people should feel safe and secure.”

As part of the corrections orders imposed by the court, Magistrate Michael O’Brien included conditions for Dawson to address alcohol abuse and anger management.