Weddin Shire weather report

ABOVE AVERAGE RAINFALL FOR NOVEMBER: Pleased to report that the rainfall for November at Grenfell was above average with a total recording of 71.4 mm at the Grenfell Weather Station. This has brought the November total to 317.5 mm. 

January is the only other month of 2018 that recorded above average rainfall, when 55.6 mm was measured in January with its average since 1886 being 50.4 mm. November also saw the heaviest single measurement of 25.9 mm (103 Points) since January when a thunderstorm recorded a total 32 mm. Another good fall in November was on November 7 when 22 mm was measured. The average rainfall for November since 1885 is 49.6 mm. The wettest November was in 2010 when 230.4 mm was measured and the driest November since 1885 was in 1922 when no rain was recorded. However, the good rain of November came all too late for farmers crops and also interrupted harvest operations. Many farmers were more fortunate with their yields. The Greenethorpe property, Gambarra was one of those properties that was more fortunate than others. David Brown said the rain that fell last week did no favours. Gambarra recorded 25 mm from the change bringing the property's total of November to 75 mm and a total so far for the year to 301 mm. The Quandialla property, Glen Idol fared well for rain in November with a total measurement of 64 mm bringing the property's total to 270 for the year. Allen Kelly said they had completed their harvesting, mentioning although as expected the quantity was well down but the quality was very good. He also mentioned that most farmers in the Quandialla area had completed their harvesting, having similar results as Glen Idol. 

TEMPERATURES: During the first week of November this year, residents experienced a mini heatwave. On November 1 the maximum temperature from 9 am was a very warm 35.5 degrees and the next day was much the same with a top temperature of 35.3 degrees. The lowest maximum for the month was 16.4 degrees recorded on November 7 when a cool change arrived. The average maximum for the month was 25.9 degrees and since 1965 the average is 26.5 degrees. November's highest maximum since 1965 was recorded on November 23, 2014 with a high of 42.1 degrees.

Grenfell's coldest morning to 9 am was on November 9 when it only reached 4 degrees. November's minimum average for 2018 was 12.3 degrees and the average since 1965 is 12 degrees. The highest minimum  since 1965 was 27.8 degrees recorded on 20/11/2009 and our lowest ever minimum was 2.1 degrees on November 3, 2014. The lowest maximum was just 10.1 degrees on November 7, 1971. Prior to approaching weather changes during November this year, residents experienced gale force winds that whipped up heaps of dust before the rain came. Even last Sunday morning, residents awoke to a thick dust haze, but no rain.

ANOTHER WARM YEAR GLOBALLY: The year is on course to becoming the 4th warmest year on record, based on global mean service temperatures, according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). Also, according to Australia's Bureau of Meteorology issued to its Summer outlets which stated warmer days and nights are likely for most of Australia during Summer, while rainfall is tipped to be near to below average.