Students enjoy learning Japanese language

St Joseph’s Primary School Year 3/4 history unit this term has us examining documents and ideas about First Contact, which refers to the arrival of Europeans and their first contact with the Australian Aboriginal people. 

The students have already begun to critically analyse some diary entries written by Captain Cook in order to begin to understand the two very different perspectives of these two groups of people as they made contact with one another.

Our Religion unit this term focuses on leadership and action.

The students will be looking at leaders and the choices they make.

How do the words and actions of leaders demonstrate their characteristics?

Do some leaders say one thing but do another?

If they truly believe in something, what do leaders do about it?

These questions will also be used to reflect on Jesus’ words and actions as a leader.

In Mathematics, the students have been looking at division and how it relates to multiplication.

They have been testing numbers, and finding and proving divisibility rules, for all numbers, including numbers in the millions.

The next Maths unit will focus on financial literacy.

The students will gain a better understanding of the decimal system and how it informs our money system.

They will solve problems using money amounts and will learn to represent decimals using concrete materials, diagrams and number lines.

Sensei Ken is teaching the students the Japanese names for parts of the body.

We are also having fun learning familiar songs such as ‘Head and shoulders, knees and toes’ in Japanese.

Yr. 3/4 working on the Japanese version of “head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. Image supplied.

Yr. 3/4 working on the Japanese version of “head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. Image supplied.


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