Weddin Shire October report


The rainfall at Grenfell for October was much higher than September, but still well below the average for the month. The Grenfell Weather Station recorded a total of 29 mm. The average since 1886 is 54.5 mm with the wettest October being in 1973 when 180.2 mm was measured. Grenfell's

driest October was in 2006 when no rain was recorded. The 29 mm of rain for October has brought the total so far for 2018 to 246.5 mm - 9 inches and 86 points.

The average minimum temperature for the month was 8.8 degrees while the average since 1965 is 9.1 degrees. Grenfell's coldest morning was experienced on the very first day of the month when it was just 1.7 degrees and the highest minimum was a warm 18.5 degrees on October 20.

The highest ever minimum recorded for October  since 1965 was 21 degrees on October 30 1990 and our lowest minimum since 1965 was 1.1 degrees on October 2, 1965.

The hottest day for October this year was on the last day of the month when it rose to a very warm 33.6 degrees. The day before was also very warm when it reached 30.5 degrees. The average maximum for October 2018 was 25.4 degrees and since 1965 the average is 22.6 degrees. Our highest October maximum was experienced on October 29, 1967 when it was a very hot 35.6 degrees. October's lowest maximum was just 9.4 degrees on October 3, 1966.


On Friday afternoon, November 2 at around 5 pm, Grenfell and many parts of Weddin Shire was hit by a fierce storm with dust, cyclonic wind and then heavy rain. The gale force wind uprooted some huge trees with a couple of homes in North Street having roofs blown away. Rainfall at the

Grenfell Weather Station was 7 mm, while the Greenethorpe property, Gambarra recorded 12.5 mm (50 points). The rain will help the late crops, however too late for the early crops. Properties west of Quandialla did not fair as well with disappointing rainfall recordings.


According to the Bureau of Meteorology, there has been a decline in the number of tropical cyclones in the Australia region since 1970. On average around 11-12 tropical cyclones form in the Australia region each year and four of these cyclones cross the coast.

With several troughs and low pressure systems over NSW, there was a chance of some rain in our region this week. November has an average rainfall at Grenfell of 49.5 mm.

Huge trees were uprooted in last Friday's wild storm.

Huge trees were uprooted in last Friday's wild storm.

Local SES volunteers assisted a number of residents during last Friday's storm.

Local SES volunteers assisted a number of residents during last Friday's storm.