Grenfell Combined Probus Club report

The June 2018 meeting of the Grenfell Combined Probus Club was chaired by President Coral Mitton, who welcomed 62 members with 12 apologies.

Following the reading of the May minutes by Secretary, Dot Fitzpatrick, the correspondence was dealt with and the Treasurer’s report for the month of May was presented by Brian McDonald. Coral Mitton won the draw for birthday of the month, after Social Secretary Rosalie White read Birthdays and Wedding anniversaries for the month. Correspondence included an invitation to the Forbes Probus Ladies 30th Birthday Luncheon on Friday August 24 at Forbes Services Club commencing at 12 for 12.30 pm. Cost is $25, RSVP by July 27.

Tourist Officer Nola Nobes reported that there are 45 participants for the 4-night trip to Broken Hill from September 23 – 27 and the remainder of the money is due at the August meeting. Plans are also in hand for a Mystery Trip in October.

Members were informed that our Birthday Luncheon to be held on September 17 at the Country Club will cost $30 and reminded that all local Probus members are requested to become financial members of the Bowling Club. An invitation was read out for the Lions Changeover dinner which will be held at the Country Club on July 21 with RSVP due by Monday July 16 to Terry Carroll.

After morning tea, Entertainment Officer, Gwen Clark, introduced our Guest Speaker, Karen Rea, who is a Community Hearing Advisor for Australian Hearing. The Australian Government developed Australian Hearing 71 years ago after the War for Veterans and children with Rubella. It is now Australia’s largest hearing provider and assists everyone in the community for their hearing needs. Members were advised that Free hearing clinics are run regularly in Grenfell at the local GP’s clinic and the Pharmacy and there is no need for a referral to attend. Those in need of help are then referred to an audiologist. Audiologists are prepared to home visit for frail patients at their home or at the MPU. Karen spoke about Tinnitus which is the ringing, buzzing or humming sensation in the ear and gave a number of suggestions to assist with this. However, she advised that it is best to speak to an Audiologist. In conclusion Karen answered many questions and had information booklets available. Pam Holland thanked Karen and presented her with a small gift of appreciation.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, July 16, at 10am, with Pam Holland and Chris Lynch on the Door Roster and Diana and Graham Fisher, Janice Hunter and June Waters on the Morning Tea Roster. For inquiries please contact President Coral Mitton on 63478118. 

Pam Holland thanks Guest Speaker Karen Rea Community Hearing Advisor for Australian Hearing.  Photo by Gwen Clark

Pam Holland thanks Guest Speaker Karen Rea Community Hearing Advisor for Australian Hearing. Photo by Gwen Clark