Get refunded today

Instead of throwing away your used drink containers why not take them to Grenfell’s new Return and Earn depot and get yourself a refund of 10c per container,  thats $1 for 10 bottles, or even better $10 for 100 bottles.

Wayne and Kath Holz, owners of Grenfell Furniture and Whitegoods, have established a NSW Government Return and Earn drop off depot at their Main Street premises to enable residents to receive refunds locally for their used drink containers.

Residents can conveniently deposit their containers at the rear of the shop (George Street) to receive their cash refund.

This is a terrific new service for shire residents, as well as having a positive effect on our local environment.

Did you know that every year more than 160 million drink containers end up as litter in NSW, hurting our environment and costing communities millions to clean up?

The new Grenfell collection point is an approved NSW Government manual collection point that is suited for around 100 bottles per drop off.

Eligible containers are liquid paperboard cartons, aluminum and steel, glass and plastic. Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken and have the original label attached to receive a refund, wine, spirits, cordial and plain milk containers are generally not eligible.

If you are unsure whether your containers are eligible or not give Wayne or Kath a call today on 6343 2857. If a container is not eligible for a refund it is recommended you use a recycle bin.

Although the Holz’s will not benefit directly from establishing the Return and Earn depot at their business premises, they generously  decided it would be a convenient, practical service for residents within the shire.

“We eventually decided to go ahead with the Return and Earn depot as it is a great service that has previously been unavailable locally,” said Mr Holz.

“Residents can drop off their containers at the back of the shop and receive a refund there and then, it is a great way for kids to earn some extra pocket money while keeping Grenfell beautiful”

Containers can be deposited at the rear of Grenfell Furniture and Whitegoods during the following times:

Monday and Tuesday from 8am – 10am,

Monday to Friday from 2pm – 5pm and

Saturdays from 8am – 4pm.

For more information regarding the NSW Government’s Return and Earn program visit or phone 1800 290 691.