2018 Car Show results

Main Street.
Main Street.

The 2018 Henry Lawson Festival Car Show seems to be growing and becoming more and more popular each year.

Over 110 beautifully restored cars were on display at the 2018 HLF Car Show, Sunday June 10.

Over 110 beautifully restored cars were on display at the 2018 HLF Car Show, Sunday June 10.

Held annually on the Festival Sunday spectators come in droves to  view the beautifully restored vehicles on display.

This year there were 75 cars entered with 18 car clubs represented, total of 111 cars on display. Best ever!

Australian Classic Sponsored by Chris’ Bakery

Winner: Trevor McLennan -1964 EH Holden Ute

Runner-up: Ivan Cosier -1963 EH Holden sedan

British Classic   Sponsored by Jan Parlett’s Country Experience Exchange Hotel

Winner: Bruce Walmsley – 1962 MGA 1600 Mk 11

Runner-up: David Lancaster – 1988 Jaguar XJ 40

American Classic  Sponsored by Mike Hughes and Partners

Winner: Leonie Pye – 1966 Ford Mustang

Runner-up: Robert Hibberson – 1966 Ford Mustang

Japanese Classic  Sponsored by The Grenfell Newsagency

Winner: Rod Goodsell – 1978 Toyota HJ45 Tray top

Runner-up: Rob Riley – Toyota 86

European Classic  Sponsored by Spannerman Autos

Winner: Richard Gardol – 1971 Volvo Ibode

Runner-up: Barry Ledger – 1974 VW 1300

Town Ute  Sponsored by Bromar Engineering

Winner: Brian Nuthall – 1953 Ford F100

Runner-up: Scott Patton – 1981 Holden 1 Ton Ute

Modern Classic  Sponsored by Lachlan Fertilisers Rural

Winner: Craig and Pelly Dwyer – HSV VL Walkinshaw

Runner-up: Craig and Pelly Dwyer – HSV Coupe 4

Modified  Sponsored by Peter Mellon Motors

Winner: Craig Kitch – 1969 Monaro HT

Runner-up: Luke Pye – 1951 Morris Minor

Best Represented Club  Sponsored by Grenfell Bowling Club

Australian Sporting Car Club of Orange

President’s Award  Sponsored by ASCC of Orange

Farran Stevens – Ford Falcon GS

Peoples’ Choice  Sponsored by Grenfell Car Club

Graeme Halbisch – 1967 Ford Mustang

Most Original  Sponsored by Shannons

Charles and Sharon Thompson – 1952 Standard Vanguard Spacemaster

Congratulations to all of the winners.