Letter to editor


Dear Editor,

I just happened to read Pollie Crackers in the Grenfell Record dated may 23, 2018 and I felt that some of what was written was uncalled for.

Firstly, to refer to HRH Queen Elizabeth as ‘Betty’ was disrespectful.

He, the Feather Duster, was ‘forced’ to watch the Royal Wedding which he described as ‘British hoopla’, then he compared the extended address/ harangue, his words not mine, of the US Bishop Rev. Michael Curry’s powerful address with a funeral held just a few years ago in Grenfell where he says and I quote “the minister appeared to become so overcome by a full church and overflowing hall that he tried to save the souls of those assembled with dire threats of fire and brimstone. Same technique, same forgotten purpose and similar result.”

Unquote, I attended that service, there was no fire and brimstone, just a service of love and respect for an admired Christian man, by a man who is well used to having a full church.

Feather Duster needs to note that if he attends a Council meeting he will expect to hear matters referring to council, if he attends a sports meeting he will expect to hear matters relating to sports.

If anyone attends a Church for a Christian funeral service, or a wedding, they should expect to hear about the love of God, Forgiveness and Salvation.

As the Rt. Rev. Bishop Michael Curry said in his wedding address, “Love has the power to change the world.”

Joan Smith



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