2018 Art & Porcelain competition winners


SECTION 1 – Open Traditional (Weddin Shire Council – Acquisitive)

Winner: John Sharman ‘High Country Savannah’

Highly Commended: David Lake ‘Summer Storm, Bathurst’

Commended: Paul McKnight ‘Peacock Trio’

SECTION 2 – Open Watercolour (Rotary)

Winner: Noeline Millar ‘Ladies Luncheon - Beechworth’

Highly Commended: Carolyn Shaw ‘Market Day Positano, Italy’

Commended: Eric Strachan ‘That Hill, Carcoar NSW’

SECTION 3 – Open Contemporary (Bryton Wool and Henry Lawson Festival)

Winner: Sandra Hendy ‘Funky Housing’ 

Highly Commended: Kay Gorringe ‘Vase of Flowers’

Commended: Adam Livingstone ‘Untitled #2’

SECTION 4 – Open Pastel (Lions)

Winner: Eric Strachan ‘Depot Beach Bluff’

Commended: Gwen Bullock ‘Equine Action’

SECTION 5 – Open Miniature Painting (Roma Sinclair and Carol Hargrave)

Winner: Keith Blake ‘Coolabine Creek’

Highly Commended: Keith Blake ‘Is it Ready’

Commended: Madeleine Szymanski ‘In the Garden’

SECTION 6 – Local Artist (1st HLF, 2nd Grenfell Community of Arts and Craft Group)

Winner: 1st ​-  Judith Spedding ‘Bougainvillia at Ol Tukai Lodge, Kenya’

2nd – Beverley Lappan ‘After the Rain’

Commended: Patricia Brus ‘Near Alice Springs’

SECTION 7- Open Drawing (Art of Espresso)

Winner:  Eric Strachan ‘Blarney Castle, Ireland’

Highly Commended: Kathryn Lewis ‘Leopard’

Commended: Sampa Bhakta ‘Old Shearing Shed’ 

STATUETTE WINNER – Noeline Millar ‘Ladies Luncheon – Beechworth’


1. Piece Over 10 Inches (Sponsor, South West Porcelain Artists Assn.)

First: Jenni Ford ‘Lustres and More’

Highly Commended: Leigh Langfield’ Many Fans with Hibiscus’

Commended: Robyn Moore ‘Bottlebrush Platter’

2.  In Your Garden (Sponsor, Chris and Trevor Lobb)

First: Robyn Moore ‘Mixed Floral Trinket Box’

Highly Commended: Jenni Ford ‘Wild Roses’

Commended: Robyn Moore ‘Rabbit Money Box’

3.  High Tea (Sponsor,Joan Bolton OAM)

First: Robyn Moore ‘Poppy Tea Set’

Highly Commended: Leigh Langfield ‘Blue Butterfly Tea Set’

Commended: Margaret Atkinson ‘Would you like a Cup of Tea?’

4.  Australiana (Sponsor, by Judy Mitton)

First:  Jenni Ford ‘Flannel Flower’

Highly Commended: Robyn Moore ‘Australian Scene Dish’

Commended: Margaret Atkinson ‘Shall we Laugh?’

5.  Piece Using Three Colours (Sponsor, Liz and Glenn Carroll)

First: Robyn Moore ‘Rabbit Trinket Box’

Highly Commended: Leigh Langfield ‘Pot of Olives’

Commended: Robyn Moore ‘Oval Bisque Dish’

6.  Piece Using Three Different Techniques (Sponsor, South West Porcelain Artists Assn.)

First: Robyn Moore ‘Pink Vase’

Highly Commended: Robyn Moore ‘Enamel Work Trinket Box’

Commended: Carmel Webb ‘Time for a Tipple’


Winner: Jenni Ford ‘Lustres and More’

Congratulations to the 2018 Art and Porcelain winners, the Photography winners will be published in the next edition, see page 9 of today’s Record for photos.