President says thanks

To the Editor,

Last Saturday (April 14) the Grenfell Picnic Race Club hosted one of the best attended picnic race meeting in Grenfell for many years.

Not even a strong wind could dampen the enthusiasm of the above-average crowd as they enjoyed a great day of celebrations (re-unions, birthday parties and corporate gatherings), socializing, punting and watching the fashions on the field.

On behalf of the club can I thank all of you.

As soon as I start mentioning names I run the risk of forgetting somebody,  so let me do it this way.

From the front gate where the parents of Grenfell Guides collected entry money, sold race books and supplied wristbands to the far end of the track where the Lions Club entertained children all day there is a large amount of gratitude from the club.

To the sponsors, the guests, the fashions entrants, fashion judges, the canteen volunteers, those who donated produce, the bar staff, the sole drinks ticket seller, the after-race entertainer, the council, the caterers, the marquee erectors and those who helped to bring them down, the trainers, the jockeys, the bookmakers, the security guards, the public address installer, the race caller, the coach driver who transported people to and from the races, the race officials, the vet, the ambulance guys, the barrier attendants, the farrier and all those who helped to promote our event , thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would also like to thank my mum (Pat) for all of the phone calls she answered and the messages she took.

To my fellow committee–members, even if I say so myself, as tough and tiring as it was, we didn’t do a bad job!

Danny Kotel


Grenfell Picnic Race Club


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