Poetry for our Anzac heroes “I Remember” by B McMillan

I remember the ‘Vampires’, ‘Meteors’ & ‘Canberras”,

That flew to Richmond, overhead;

I remember praying, to then God of mine,

One might land – in a paddock near my bed…

For I lived in open spaces,

To the north of Parramatta town,

In my flush of youthful innocence,

I didn’t recognise danger – should a pilot be forced to ‘down’!

The era was the nineteen-fifties,

Their livery, a silver ‘Ally’ sheen;

A metal, favoured by manufacturers,

For it was light & strong & clean!

They ‘looked the part’, at airshows,

All sleek & magic to be around;

Crowds jostled, at the R.A.A.F. airbase…

To be beside, those airplanes on the ground.

In those far gone days of memory

And to the best I can recall,

I watched in rapture, as a young lad might,

To the displays, of loop & bank & stall…

But for me it was the ‘Sabre’.

With it’s swept-back clean of line – 

A design, preceding the dreams of utzon,

Ooh the ‘Sabre’….was the absolute pick for mine!

One year, the radio boasted an announcement,

That as part of a grand display…

A ‘Sabre’, would break the ‘sound-barrier’.

A trick, they’d not ever consider to-day!

For what was largely, rural landscape,

Is now ‘McMansions’, cheek by jowl;

The roar of diving aircraft….and the ‘bang’,

Would surely see: protest, whinge & howl!

Kids these days would call it ‘awesome’.

We were ‘gob-smacked’, that’s for sure!

To watch that baby, do it’s thing,

In a dive, then roll, then soar.

Aah – but ‘tis so very easy, to forget one vital thing:

Brace pilots, made those aircraft fly!

So I salute, all those Aussie blokes and gals who served….

And proudly flew….

A-’cross’, our Southern sky!

“I Remember – Lest We Forget!”