Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor.
Letter to Editor.

The feather duster or as I prefer to call him the chooks ass ( CA), has certainly fired me up after the column on Wednesday Aprill 11.   What a load of dribble,  from his comments about the democratically elected POTUS to his emotive comments about Pemulway and finally the garbage in regards to the Gun control and student marches with its unnecessary jibe at the POTUS again.  A little Fact checking and less left biased vomitous may actually make for an enjoyable read. So let's run the fact checker  

"The latest shooting was by a white woman with only a handgun and it wasn't a school.  This has been the first time it hasn't been a white man with a military rifle". Of the 97 mass shootings between 1982 and 2018  56 shooters have been classified as "white" and 41 have been classified as non-white" here are 2 examples of the CA white shooters Omar Mateen an afghan and Seung Hui Cho, a South Korean both are American mass murderer. Breaking down incidents involving types of weapons  108 have not been rifles and only 35 have involved rifles, By far the semi-automatic pistol is the preferred weaponry is mass shootings.

And the breakdown of gender shows that although the male is predominant  2 previous shootings have been by women and 2 others have involved both genders. Dry I know but it proves that not a single point raised by the CA was factual and the CA is not letting the facts get in the way of a good yarn.  Reminds me of a previous Editor. Then this "800 thousand marchers, more than the POTUS inauguration, oh lord save me from his hatred of the POTUS there were over 800 separate marches throughout the US for this event thus the total you allege. Now for Pemulway. The CA version of history may remember him as a  hero similar to Ned Kelly but the historic story is in fact that he was a mass murdering racist criminal who wished to stop the mixing of the races and tribes and, whose first recorded crime was the unprovoked murder of the Governor's game hunter.  The left love to change history to suit their rhetoric.

Regards – ​Les Hocking