Letter to Editor

To the Editor

When I recently spoke with a council employee at the Council Chambers with regard to what is going on with the Scout/Guide Hall and Proctor Park, I was told it is nothing to do with Council and is between TAFE and Scouts/Guides. My first reaction was to say that I thought that was not quite right, Council has a lot of influence. 

Later, on further reflection, I thought: would TAFE not need Council approval for any building it intends to construct? Would TAFE not have already sought some idea from Council as to whether or not Council would look favourably on their proposal BEFORE it considered purchasing any site?  So it would be interesting to know: have TAFE representatives spoken with Council ?

I find it very disappointing that submissions from the community with regard to this proposal were not actively sought before negotiations began. I agree with the concerns raised by Oriel Draffin, Feather Duster No 3 and Pat Soley so I will not repeat them here.

I live within cooee of Proctor Park and frequently drive along Short St.  It is a concern that the parking which was implemented there to service the new Medical Centre and is already utilised to a reasonable degree would be insufficient to service the increased needs of a TAFE.  The environment in my residential area would change substantially.

I do hope a different solution can be found to service TAFE requirements and that Grenfell’s  Scout/Hall and Proctor Park remain as they are.

Yours Sincerely

Jan Jones – Grenfell