Grenfell Senior Citizens Welfare Committee report

​2017 PRESIDENTS REPORT by Dennis Hughes.

It is with pleasure that I present my sixth president’s report to this committee for 2017. The committee has once again operated very well this last year keeping things in top condition but am sorry to report the resignation of our members Dot Schneider, Corrie Drady and Maree Neill who have supported this committee for a number of years helping with fundraising which is very much appreciated and we wish you all well for the future. Our fundraising for the year has been brought back to two street stalls which made a profit of $4438 which is a very good result. Thanks must go to Corrie and Dot and their helpers for a job well done.

The two drum muster collection days held in April with 660 drums and October with 4949, totaling 5609 drums which collected $1402. A much better result than the previous year. The October day was conducted very well as we had guests from Head Office and an observer from New Zealand in attendance to take notes on the proceedings.

There have been a number of tenants leave our building leave our units over the past year, Les Hampton and Anne Hillier moving to the MPS and Norm Anderson moving to another town so we wish them well. Our new residents are Dale Scott, Robert Chalker, Jack Black and Margaret and Bill Cuddihy and at this point I would like to welcome you all to our units and hope you have a pleasant stay with us. Currently there are 10 people on the list for a single unit and 5 who require a two bedroom unit. A number of general maintenance jobs have been completed on our units during the year to keep them in top condition for our residents. John Smith has been appointed as the new handy man and has lowered the veranda posts on units 15, 16 and 17 in Melyra Street to improve the rain run-off on those units.

Our meting room is still being rented to Red Cross, Bridge Club and CPSA. At this point I would like to report that at the block on the corner of Star and Parkes Streets, which was kindly donated by Betty and her late husband Bill Kelleher some years ago, plans are now being drawn up for units which will be built in stages in the near future. The gardens and surrounds have been kept in tip top condition again by Dennis Marsh who has had some challenges with the weather. To our electrician Garry Day, plumber Rick Gora, handyman John Smith and painter Andrew Armstrong who all kept our units in good shape and responded to Glenice’s requests promptly we thank you.

In closing I would like to thank a number of people firstly Glenice for all the work involved in running this committee and taking and reporting of complaints as this is not an easy job. Vicki for the help she has provided, Jeanne for keeping the finances in order and to the rest of the committee for attending meetings and making decisions and the keenness in attending working bees and selling tickets, also those non-members who show up at working bees with tools and machinery in hand well done. Lastly Meryl Hunter, although not on the committee reports our monthly news to the paper. I would like to congratulate all of you and wish the incoming committee the best for the next year as I think 2018 will be a very interesting one.