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Grenfell bowlers take to the greens during a recent tournament at home.
Grenfell bowlers take to the greens during a recent tournament at home.

It was a case of winners were grinners all round for Grenfell bowlers on Sunday, with both grades scoring big wins in the second round of the 2018 Zone 4 Pennants. Playing at home, the Grade 7 side defeated Gooloogong 10-0, winning all of their matches and scoring 75 shots to 50.

Meanwhile, at Parkes the Grade 4 side defeated Parkes Railway 9-1, scoring 64 shots to 50. Congratulations to our Pennants bowlers – well done! Both teams play at home in the third round this Sunday, March 18, with the following teams selected.

Grade 4 – against Manildra:

Steve Galvin (c), Sam Brown, Tim Fowler, Dylan Troy – Blake Bradtke (c), Graeme Hunter, James Hunter, Ray Walter – Andrew Armstrong (c) Mathew Reid, John Joyce and Clive Anderson.

Grade 7 – against Cowra: Barry Jones (c), Barry Bradtke, David Hancock, Dennis Hughes – Keith Brus (c), Martin Betcher, Rodney O’Neill, Roger Baker – Phil Hunter (c), Scott Baker, Kerry Aston, Rob Chambers.

Roll-up at 12.40pm for both grades. Team managers are Steve Galvin and Martin Betcher.

Club Championships: The 2018 Club Championships are in full swing with several first round matches decided this week. In Major Singles, John Joyce defeated David Hancock 32-18 in their match on Friday. On Saturday Clive Anderson defeated Martin Betcher 31-15 and Mathew Reid defeated Rob Chambers 31-24. In Minor Singles, James Hunter defeated David Hancock 31-23. The final of the 2017 Major/Minor Championship will be decided today at 1pm when Steve Galvin and Dennis Hughes do battle with Tim Fowler and Kerry Aston. Good Luck. The gremlins paid a visit last week and in my report of the Major Singles match between Barry Jones and Rob Coleman, I inadvertently said Barry was the eventual winner when, in fact, Rob won the match. Apologies to both.

Social Bowls: There were no social bowls last Sunday due to the Zone 4 Pennants, but a total of 36 bowlers turned up on Wednesday and Friday. Prize winners were: Chooks – Paul Kay, John Grogan and Gary Pipe; Market Night Vouchers – David Ballard, Nev Coleman and John Dumbrell; Free games – Barry Butler and Steve Galvin (x2).

Just for laughs: A club’s top bowler, who had won every club championship numerous times, was known for carrying a little black book, which he regularly consulted during games. Whenever he stood on the mat, in a particularly difficult situation, he would take out this little book and then make a brilliant shot. Eventually he died and there was great interest in this book. Many club members approached the man’s widow, asking what she was planning to do with the legendary book. A shrewd woman who was also in need of funds, the widow decided to auction the book off to the highest bidder. The auction was held at the club and after some very spirited bidding a member, who had often finished second to the deceased champion, was the successful bidder. He could scarcely wait to take the book home and peruse its pages at leisure. He sat himself down in his study and began to leaf through the pages – and found they were blank! He finally came to a single page that had one sentence on it. It said; “Small circle on the inside.”

Jackpot: This week bowlers needed a score of -5 on end 8 on an even-numbered rink. There were no winners and next week the jackpot will be $130.

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