Bill Rudd's February weather report

February a dry month: It took 24 days of the month of February before Grenfell got a drop of rain.

The Grenfell weather station recorded 14.6 mm over 2 days when a welcome change arrived.

Some residents measured up to 18 mm from the change. The average rainfall at Grenfell for February since 1886 is 47 mm.

February’s wettest year for Grenfell was in 1959 when a massive 223.9 mm was measured (9 inches).

February is a month that has the most number of years when no rain had been measured.

The years of 1901, 1910, 1923, 1933, 1940 and 1965 had recorded no rain for the month. Only the month of April equals this record.

Temperatures: Many days in February this year were quite pleasant with a few very hot days. Our coldest morning to 9am was February 15 when it was 9.4 degrees.

The highest minimum to 9am was 26.2 degrees on 9/2/18, 22.8 degrees on 24/2/18, 22.1 degrees on 25/2/18 and 22.4 degrees on 8/2/18.

Grenfell’s hottest day was recorded on February 9 when it reached 39.6 degrees.

On Thursday February 8 it rose to a very warm 36.8 degrees, Saturday February 10 38.6 degrees and on 18/2/18 36.2 degrees. February’s average minimum was 15.3 degrees and the average since 1965 is 16.7 degrees.

February’s maximum average for 2018 was 31.8 degrees and since 1965 31.1 degrees.

February’s highest minimum since 1965 was 29.4 degrees recorded on 2/2/1968 and our highest maximum since 1965 was 43.8 degrees on February 11, 2017 (last year). The lowest maximum since 1965 was 16.5 degrees on 2/2/2012. 

Autumn has arrived, although you wouldn’t know by the very warm temperatures.

On March 1 the maximum was 29.4 degrees, March 2 31 degrees and Saturday March 3 it was a very warm and balmy 34 degrees. Sunday March 4 saw members of the community also experience very warm temperatures.

During March, farmers will be hoping for a good Autumn break, however the forecast for Autumn is below average rainfall for most of Australia.

This stunning sunset was captured by local resident Alan Langhorn.

This stunning sunset was captured by local resident Alan Langhorn.