Grenfell Tennis Club news

Round 5 of the Men's Summer Tennis Comp and Round 3 of the Mixed Teams Night Competition were played in fine weather with a cool East-South Easterly blowing. The 12 men playing Round 5 in their Summer Comp took to the courts on Tuesday night which resulted in a powerhouse win by Graham Watt and Grant Fisher winning 31 games. Graham and Grant won four of their sets in great style 8/0, 5/3, 8/0, 6/2. They levelled the first set 4 all against Grahame Edwards and Steven Walker.

It was a gutsy effort by Graham and Grant. Next best were Matthew Clarke and Pat Hazell who put in a fine effort to win 25 games. Their first three sets produced competitive tennis to finish up 4/4, 4/4, 4/4. Matthew and Pat then went back on to win 7/1, 6/2. Matthew was a fill in for Danny Edwards.  

Andrew Bucknell and his fill in for Mark Liebich, Lewis Keogh won 20 games for the round. Their sets were 5/3, 4/4, 3/5, 6/2, 2/6. Just 1 game behind this pair winning 19 games were Charles Harvey and Arnold Brown. Charles and Arnold went on the court with all guns blazing and their first three sets were cliff hangers resulting in 4/4, 4/4, 4/4. The wheels then fell off in the 4th set when they went down 0/8 to the top pair, Watt and Fisher. However, they recovered to win the last set 7/1.

Grahame Edwards and Steven Walker in their first three sets recorded 4/4, 4/4, 4/4, but had some trouble to capture games in the final two sets, going down 2/6, 2/6 to win a total of 16 games. The other pair taking part in Round 5 were Anthony Wilson and John Walmsley. Round 6 of the Men's Summer Night Tennis will be played next Tuesday night.

All teams on deck: All six teams taking part in the Mixed Teams Comp were on deck on Wednesday for Round 3. Team 5- Bogalong and Beyond (David, Michael & Sally Mitton, Esma Baker) defeated The Lone Ranger (Craig Johnson, Paul Lynch, Maria Neill, Leanne Livingstone) 37 games to 27. Coppsies Floppsies (Danny Joyce, Peter Mitton, Lyn Peterson, Jan Myers) 37 games defeated Odds and Sods (Stuart McKellar, Leigh Taylor, Hillary McKellar, Courtney Taylor) 27 games. The other match between Rollsies Rabble and The Young Guns resulted in a close match with Rollsies Rabble (Trent McCann, David Troy, Lyndell Rolls, Temeika Rolls) 34 games defeating The Young Guns 30 games. The Young Guns consisted of Jaykob Gavin, Matthew Clarke, Alisha White and Cassie Griffin. Players in the Mixed Teams comp will play Round 4 next Wednesday night.