Grenfell Indoor Bowls Club

Come and join the fun.
Come and join the fun.

Well it did finally happen as I have been forecasting we would be using two mats for our Friday evening Indoor Bowls and this did happen last Friday, February 23, and we played two mats of triples.

It was good to have most of the players back who have been away and nice to have a new junior player in Jordan McSpadden who had his first game of Indoor Bowls and who acquitted himself very well indeed for his first go.

By the time this report goes to press we will have held our long overdue meeting and I hope most of the turned up.

Unfortunately we could not get any Grenfell players together to attend the Cowra Open Day, however, we are looking forward to the Fun Day on May 27, we should have a few players put their names in for that event.

We hope to see you all back on the mats tonight for another great night of Indoor Bowls.

Thought about playing indoor bowls? For members of the community wishing to inquire about Indoor Bowls please contact the club on 02 6343 1656 or come along tonight from 7pm and speak to one of our friendly members who will be only too happy to answer any inquiries.