Finally we have a winner!!

Mini Lotto  - We have a winner!  Last week the Grenfell Lions Club Mini Lotto was won.

Congratulations to David Armstrong  who selected the the six drawn numbers; 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11.

David also had another ticket with five numbers on it.

The draw which took place at the Grenfell Bowling Club was down to fourteen numbers, where six different customers were asked to press the electronic number machine to select a number.

Although the jackpot has been won, the new jackpot for the mini lotto remains at $10,000 and the numbers reverted to back to 20 – you now choose six numbers from 1 – 20.

Last week there were also thirty four (34) five-number winners:  

D Armstrong, V Drogemuller (X2) K Brenner (X2), T Orr, B Eyles, G Phillips, E Essex, E Lotherington, M Gault, D McFarlane, D Smith, S Norris, Val & C Reid (Synd), C Cooper, C Berry, J O’Loughlin,  Arentsen, J Pipe & H Buckley (Synd), D & A Pipe (Synd), J Keough, L Ballard, M, L & T Walker (Synd), R Cawthorne, Max Makin (X2), D Hancock, J Logan, B Hughes, B Howell, Chuckie, C Reid and  K Patterson who each received $5.

The draw last night, February 22 was at the Criterion Hotel and next week will be held at the Albion Hotel.

David purchased his tickets after a reminder from his grandmother, Joan McSpadden, prior to his departure to Thailand.

David had worked in Ammartpanichanukul School in Krabi teaching English.

He returned for a visit last week,

David’s mother Jenny contacted him following the draw and he was very excited.

Mini Lotto prizes are paid out once the results have been published in the Grenfell Record Classifieds   the following Wednesday.

This way if a ticket has been missed it gives Lions a chance to rectify the amount.

As a courtesy when filling in your numbers please write the selling agent on the ticket.

That way we know where to leave your prizes if you are lucky enough to draw five or even six numbers.

Quite a few entries this week still did not have the selling agent’s name on the tickets.

Please remember to ask someone from the selling agency to sign your ticket before they place it and the money into the box.

Sincere thanks to the business houses of Grenfell;

The Grenfell Meat Barn, Chris’ Bakery, Reid’s Hardware, South West Fuels, The Tin Cupboard , the Railway Hotel, the Royal Hotel, the Criterion Hotel and the Albion Hotel and the Grenfell Bowling Club who have the bright yellow boxes in their establishments.

Lions Mini Lotto would not be as successful as it is without your continued support.

The Grenfell Lions Club wish to thank everyone who supports their mini lotto, through your generosity the club continues to support local and Lion’s charities.

For any inquiries regarding the Grenfell Lion’s Club including the Mini Lotto please contact Lion’s Club Secretary Terry Carroll on 02 6343 1574 and he will be happy to answer any queries.

Remember to get your tickets, for a very small outlay you could win up to $10,000.

You never know your luck, you have to be in it to win it.