Grenfell Art Gallery news

The stunning Grenfell Community Curtain is on display at the Grenfell Art Gallery.
The stunning Grenfell Community Curtain is on display at the Grenfell Art Gallery.

The Grenfell Art Gallery committee would like to invite those involved, and anyone else who would like to attend, to the unveiling of the new Grenfell Community Curtain interpretive display board.

This will be taking place on Tuesday February 27, 2018 at 11am in the Grenfell Art Gallery.

The Grenfell Community Curtain permanently occupies the northern wall of the Grenfell Art Gallery.

The creator of the concept for the curtain, water colour and ceramic painting was Sylvia Brind. Sylvia hit upon the idea of creating a ‘community curtain’ as a celebration of the towns rich history.

The vision for the curtain was ‘a visual representation of the essence of the Grenfell community’.

The curtain is a wonderful inclusion to the Grenfell Art Gallery and is admired by everyone who visits the gallery. The curtain itself is an attraction to the street with visitors coming from all over to stand and admire its size and complexity. More information about the Grenfell Community Curtain can be found on the new interpretive display board.

The booklet ‘Painting with Thread’ is also available for purchase (proceeds go to Grenfell Dramatic Society) from the Grenfell Art Gallery.

We would like to thank Sylvia Brind for her assistance with the new interpretive board.

Should you wish to attend the unveiling please RSVP to 6343 2059 or

DID YOU KNOW:  As well as the original, a water colour design hangs in the Weddin Shire Council Chambers and a ceramic representation of the curtain is mounted outside the Grenfell Motel.

More from Grenfell Art Gallery: The current exhibition showing in the Gallery is titled ‘Community Arts & Crafts Group’ which will end on February 25, if you haven’t seen this great collection you still have time, but hurry as the next exhibition will be available for viewing from February 27 titled ‘Woodland Plains’.

The Grenfell Art Gallery is located inside the Community Hub in Main Street and is open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm.