Remain vigilant for stock

Cattle on the move along the Newell Highway.
Cattle on the move along the Newell Highway.

Central West Local Land Services are appealing to drovers and drivers along Grenfell’s stock routes to be aware of their responsibilities when sharing our roads with livestock. It is the responsibility of drovers to ensure that stock signs are located on the roadside and clearly visible to drivers approaching from either direction at all times when stock are not in a holding yard. Drivers are also reminded to slow down and remain cautious when they approach a stock ahead sign.

Central West Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR) Ranger Angie Kelly said that moving slowly when stock are present reduces the risk of them taking fright and posing a danger to vehicles or themselves. 

“Blowing your horn in an attempt to get stock to move on is also not advised for the same reason.” Angie said. Stock signs must also be removed by drovers when stock are no longer present.

“Following these simple legal requirements helps make the roads safer for both stock and drivers,” 

While stock are on a TSR or roadway they must be attended by a person 16 years of age. Drivers should also be aware that stock have the right of way at all times. If drivers notice stock causing immediate danger, inform the police. Otherwise call your Local Land Services Ranger on 1300 795 299.