Weddin Development Committee in danger of folding

Dear Editor,

I am writing to advise you and your readers that at the February 6, 2018 meeting of the Weddin Development Committee at 6pm at the Bowling Club, the main item of discussion will be whether or not to place the Weddin Development Committee into recess.

The reason this issue has come to a head is the dwindling support of the business community as demonstrated by low numbers of attendees at meetings in recent months.

If the February 2018 meeting decided to put the committee into recess it will mean that the business community of Grenfell will no longer have a representative voice through which to lobby other organisations such as Council and government.

This may also mean that the 2018 Weddin Business Awards will be cancelled and the Grenfell Go Card local shopping promotion may cease to operate.

The Weddin Business Awards have been held three times and on each occasion, have been a terrific opportunity to celebrate the achievement of businesses in our shire.

In addition, the local shopping card has been a great initiative to maximise money spent in the Grenfell community rather than leaking out of Grenfell to surrounding towns.

The loss of both promotions will be disappointing, considering the momentum the committee gained from their introduction.

I strongly encourage all business owners to consider whether this outcome is in their best interests?

I remind you; if the business community is not seen as helping ourselves, how can we reasonable expect Council to take our feedback seriously.

If you do not want to see the committee placed into recess, you need to attend the February 6 meeting and demonstrate your interest in the committee continuing to achieve it’s objectives of promoting the business community.

Peter Moffitt OAM

Chair, Weddin Development Committee