Information available for Grenfell’s carers

Are you a carer?  

Do you provide care for someone with a chronic health condition, disability, age related frailty, terminal illness or mental illness?  Are you a family member, partner, friend or neighbour who provides support?

Do you assist that person with any of these activities:  personal care such as showering or dressing, mobility, transport, emotional support, communication, meals, medication, housework or assistance with their affairs including shopping and bills?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a carer.  Caring may involve a few hours assistance per week, through to sustained 24 hour care. 

Caring can be a rewarding experience.  However, it can make many demands on you. These demands may be physical, financial or emotional.  Looking after your own health and well-being is very important when you are a carer.

Our local Health District has distributed some really helpful booklets and fliers to support our very important carers. The information introduces support groups such as the ‘National Carer Gateway’, Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre, NSW Carers, Young Carers NSW, Family & Carer Mental Health Program, and Working Carers.

Copies have been placed in Grenfell’s Medical Surgeries, Pharmacy, Community Health Centre and Hospital (MPS).  These fliers have aqua blue covers.  There is a limited supply for taking away, so a ‘premises copy’ will be available for reading.

For more extensive information on all Western Region health services, which is responsible for all public health services in Weddin Shire, refer

To contact your local Health Council, leave a message on 6349 1700.