Mini Lotto still at $10,000

Lions Mini Lotto Numbers down to 14:

Lions Mini Lotto jackpot is still at the magical $10,000 and has been since Aust 17.

As of tomorrow, February 01, 2018 the numbers 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 have been deleted. Choose six (6) numbers from 1-14 only.

If the $10000 jackpot is won tomorrow night the numbers will revert to twenty.

In the draw last week ten people shared the five number jackpot and received $11 each.

See today’s classified for results.

The drawn tomorrow night will be at the Railway Hotel with the five number jackpot being $104. If the $10,000 jackpot is won the numbers will revert to 20.

Thank you to the general public and the Grenfell Meat Barn, Chris’ Bakery, Reid’s Thrifty Link, South West Fuels, The Tin Cupboard, the Railway, Royal, Criterion and Albion Hotels and the Grenfell Bowling Club who have the bright yellow boxes in their establishments.