Weddin Whispers Bulletin

ART GALLERY: The Grenfell Community Arts Group’s exhibition commenced Tuesday January 18 and will be on display till February 25.  Grenfell is proud to showcase the recent works of the Community Arts Group who have been meeting in the Rose Street Rooms for many years enjoying friendship and art tuition.  The collection includes still life, landscapes of local areas in pastels, water colours, acrylic and oils as well as sketches and charcoal works.

The Gallery’s opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm and Sunday 10am - 2pm.

GUMNUT BABIES:  Looking for something to do over the last week of the holiday - Why not visit our local Library which is hosting the May Gibbs travelling exhibition “Gumnut Babies”?  The exhibition is on display on display in the Library till February 2.

BOREE CUP: If you are looking for a fun day on Saturday January 20 why not pop down to top Lawson Park and witness a great game of cricket.

Gazza’s Drady’s Dingos (Garry Handcock) the Town Team will play Jono’s Boree Buffalos (Jono Baker) the Caragabal Team. This is the 9th continuous year that the cup has been contested and is always a great fun day.

VISITING FROM USA: Jack Grant has had many visitors over the festive season, but was extremely pleased to have his son Fr Paul Grant in town for the past two to three weeks.

Fr Paul is an Opus Dei priest who was ordained in Rome in 1984 was stationed in Sydney and has now lived in Washington DC for ten years. His parents were in attendance on this memorable day. Whilst in Australia Fr Paul has caught up with many relatives in the area and his sisters in Wagga. His brother James and his wife Julie and their son Henry from South Australia also were home for a few days to see Paul before his departure from Grenfell on Wednesday and his return to the USA on Thursday.

Fr Paul has been saying a daily Mass each morning and officiated at the Sunday service with his father Jack serving as an Acolyte.

FUN IN THE POOL: Symmone Curl and Freuin Forsyth had their arms full with three littlies during the very hot weather. Brydie, Lettie and Harmony thoroughly enjoyed their day in the pool with Symmone and Freuin whilst their parents Sheridan Bowden and Miles Hunter were at work.

BEYONDBLUE:  A fundraising walk from Cargo to Grenfell will be held March 8-10:  The walk commences at 11am Thursday March 10 and finishes in Grenfell at 5.30pm Saturday March 11.

The idea is to raise funds for “Beyondblue” by hosting a 3 day walk (96km) in support of raising awareness and helping improve the lives of people affected by mental health issues in regional communities. Total Net Proceeds are being donated with funds being raised through participant entries, sponsorship, public support donations, raffles etc. For further information contact Toby Barons – Phone 0421880088 or by email: or go to website  for registration form.

COMING EVENTS: January 26:  Australia Day Celebrations and Awards.

Presentations in Taylor Park; Breakfast from 8am. Ceremony to commence at 9am.

The Australia Day Ambassador is Sandra Ireson.

Grenfell Swimming Club Disco Pool Party – Fundraiser from 5 - 8.30pm – admission $5      Barbecue, Lions Jumping Castle and more planned for the evening.

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