Search for survivors

Dear Editor,

I was interested in the article in the Record of Friday December 15 edition concerning the passing of Lloyd William Ellerman.

He enlisted in the eighth division in WWll and was captured by the Japanese in Japan (should that be Singapore?).

He survived the war and returned to Australia.

Until I read that article I only knew of two other Grenfell men who were POW’s and survived, they were Henry Train (eAAF) who was captured by the Germans, and Alan Huckel (AIT) who was captured by the Japanese at Singapore.

Whilst there were others who died in captivity, it would be interesting to know if there were any other Grenfell men who were captured and eventually returned to Australia.

Allen Stien


Dear Editor,

I'm pleased to say my son Tom and I will be visiting Grenfell in February 2018  for  2-3 days.

I last visited in March 2011 and was made very welcome by old friends after a 35 year gap.

Sadly we will only be in Grenfell for a short time as we are due back in Sydney on the 17th February to watch our home town rugby league team Hull FC play St George at the ANZ Stadium.

Tom has never been to Australia before and is looking forward to seeing Grenfell as he has been hearing about it since he was a small boy. 

I hope to catch up with everyone who knows me.

John Crosby 

Traffic conditions not as portrayed on television

Television ads for new cars often show the car being driven serenely and swiftly along an empty highway, implying the driver is king or queen of the road. The reality of having to contend with other drivers and unexpected situations would mar this glossy image, but it could be one small step towards making our roads safer.

Joan Brown

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