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The Editor – Grenfell Record

Dear Editor

Shoppers in Bondi Junction, Sydney, were horrified last week to hear a puppy crying and scratching from inside the boot of a car in a shopping centre.

Thankfully, the puppy was freed in time (the RSPCA is rightly considering whether charges may be laid for this appalling neglect) but every year many dogs aren’t, and die agonising deaths in hot cars, struggling to escape, salivating heavily, often losing control of their bladders and bowels, and clawing the car windows so violently that their paws become bloodied.

Whether in the boot or the back seat, please remember that dogs should never be left in parked vehicles—which turn into death traps in a matter of minutes.

Even on a mild, 25 degree day, the temperature inside a car parked in the shade can soar to 38 degrees in minutes.

Leaving the windows cracked (or even halfway down) and/or leaving water in the vehicle will not keep animals safe.

If a dog suffers as a result of being left in a car, the maximum penalty is $5,500 and six-months in prison.

And if a dog dies from being left in a car, the owner can receive a $22,000 fine and a two-year prison sentence.

Please, when it’s warm outside, leave animals at home.

If you see a dog left in a car, have the car's owner paged at nearby stores or call 000 immediately and never leave until the animal is safe—their life may depend on your actions.


Desmond Bellamy

Special Projects


PETA Australia

PO Box 2352

Byron Bay NSW 2481

0411 577 416



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