Be aware of scams this festive season

Another scam is currently circulating around the state including our local community. A Grenfell resident recently voiced her concern after being contacted by a very professional sounding female voice claiming to be from Centrelink. The female, who sounds very well educated, is calling you regarding your Centrelink pension account and your back pay entitlements. 

She claims to have been trying to contact you by phone and letter and explains how the NSW pension has increased and you are eligible for back pay. She then explains how your file has been sent to Canberra, she will even give you a file number and then encourages you to call a specific phone number that she supplies to you to inquire about your large back pay funds. The caller sounds so professional and the experience seems very real. If you are receive a call like this it is recommended that you report it immediately by phoning the police on triple zero (000).

Centrelink have denied any knowledge to these types of phone calls and has confirmed they are not legitimate.