Here's looking at YOU, kid!

Inland Snake-eyed Skink.
Inland Snake-eyed Skink.

I believe this is an Inland Snake-eyed Skink, Cryptoblepharus australis, which has quite a wide distribution, apparently.

This particular specimen was very active, during the period of several minutes (including a lens change, for which I had to go indoors) that I was photographing him/her.

As well as swinging its head and neck around to look directly at me, I noticed it dragging one side of the same region across the warm brick, then the other side.

This was done very quickly.

I'll leave it to the experts to explain that to us.

As mentioned, I changed lenses.

I had been using my Sigma 105 mm macro lens with my Canon 25 mm extension tube; I even took a couple of shots with that combination but he was quite high on the wall, even for a 6-footer like me, so I switched to my 'trusty' Sigma 18-250 all-purpose lens and, again, I added the extension tube, which is the first time I had tried it on that lens.

The combination seemed to work very well.

Photo taken by Brian Ward, October 21, 2017.