Grenfell Art Gallery

Grenfell Art Gallery’s current exhibition titled “Botanica Domestica” by Shani Nottingham will be on display until Sunday December 3, 2017 and is well worth viewing with an array of stunning pieces on offer.

Artist Shani Nottingham has several university degrees, including a BA. Visual arts, major in photography, and minor in Illustration.

She has won many art and photography prizes, and continues to exhibit her work with the latest exhibition now appearing at the Grenfell Art Gallery.

“Plants, pot plants, cactus, succulents… I love them, I grow them, I collect them. They are in my garden, but slowly are creeping into the inside. They are on decks, on tables, on the floor, in groups and on display as fine specimens.

“And now they are spilling onto the pages of my sketch books, my paintings, my photos, growing and flowering, verdant and lush this exhibition is a direct result of me being surrounded by my plants, and the joy and beauty they add to my everyday domestic life.” said exhibiting artist Shani Nottingham.

The Grenfell Art Gallery is located in the Community Hub building in Main Street and is  open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm.

For more information contact Weddin Shire Arts and Tourism officer Verdel Maclean at or phone 6343 2059.

ART: An example of Shani's incredible talent. Photo supplied

ART: An example of Shani's incredible talent. Photo supplied