Bill Rudd's monthly weather report


Grenfell’s rainfall for October of 48.4 mm was just below the average for the month of 54.5 mm.

The rain was a welcome relief for farmers who were very disappointed with the dry September.

A lot of crops will now provide a reasonable return.

The severe frosts in September badly affected canola crops on many properties.

The 48.4 mm of rain in October has brought the total so far this year to 343 mm or 13.72 inches.

This is well short of the average for this time of the year and will need a heap of rain for the next two months to get anywhere near our average of around 24 inches.

But a lot of rain in November and December is just what farmers don’t need with harvest almost upon us.

Grenfell’s wettest October since 1886 was in 1973 when 180.2 mm was recorded.

In October 1950, 6 inches and 36 points was measured.

Our driest October was in 2006 when no rain fell for the month.

There were a few other years when just a few millimetres were measured.

For October 2016, Grenfell received 64.5 mm for the month.


There were a few chilly mornings during October this year.

On the very first day of the month the temperature fell to a low of just 1 degree.

The next morning it was a little warmer when it was 2.2 degrees.

Other cool mornings were October 13, 4.8 degrees; October 22, 4.5 degrees and October 31, 4.3 degrees.

The highest minimum for the month to 9 am was experienced on October 20 when it rose to a warm 17.3 degrees.

October’s average minimum was 8.7 degrees and the average since 1965 is 9.1 degrees.

October’s highest minimum since 1965 was 21 degrees on October 30, 1990 and the lowest was –1.1 degrees on October 2, 1965.

October this year did have some very pleasant days with plenty of sunshine.

The warmest day was recorded on October 11 when it rose to a very warm 29.3 degrees and there were many other days during the month when it rose to the mid 20’s.

On October 17 and 18 the temperature rose to 28 degrees and October 25 the maximum was 28.2 degrees.

The lowest maximum was recorded on October 31 with a reading of 19 degrees.

The average maximum for October 2017 was 24.7 degrees and since 1965 the average is 22.6 degrees.

Grenfell’s hottest October since 1965 was experienced on October 29, 1967 when it rose to 35.6 degrees.

Our coldest October day was on October 3, 1966 when it was just 9.4 degrees.


Your local weatherman had the pleasure of being taken on tour of crops in the Pinnacle area where he was amazed to see so much of the country under cropping of wheat and barley.

The wonderful rainfall during October will greatly benefit these crops and local farmers are hoping to get a reasonable return.

Many thanks to Laurie and Coral for a very enjoyable and interesting afternoon.

The outlook for next week for rain is promising when a low pressure system is forecast to develop over the in land and fed by increasing moisture.