Grenfell tennis club news

Ladies’ Spring Tennis : 

On Tuesday night, the ladies played another round of their Spring Tennis Competition at which Sally Mitton and Anne Hughes were tearaway winners with a massive score of 35 games.

Sally and Anne who was a fill in for Sharon Eppelstun had little trouble in winning six of their sets 5/1 and played consistent tennis against Esma Baker and Maria Neill to win the battle 4 games to 2.

Esma and Maria also played consistent tennis to win 30 games for the round after scores of 3/3, 5/1, 6/0, 5/1, 5/1, 2/4, 4/2.

These four ladies played keen competitive tennis throughout the night- well played ladies.

Louie Keough who was filling in for Alicia White teamed up with Margo Taylor to win 23 games for the round.

Their sets were 3/3, 4/2, 5/1, 4/2, 3/3, 1/5, 3/3 while next best pair was the mother and daughter combination of Lyndell and Temeika Rolls who won 22 games. Sets were 3/3, 5/1, 4/2, 3/3, 4/2, 4/2, 1/5.

Leanne Livingstone and her fill-in for Abbey Joyce, Trudie O’Byrne won 19 games.

Sets were 2/4,, 1/5, 2/4, 5/1, 5/1, 3/3, 1/5. Lynne Peterson and Courtney Taylor  won 14 games for the night, while Jan Myers and Hannah Joyce won 13 games, Jan was a fill-in for Cassie Griffin.

The other pair taking part in the round, Sandra Matthews and Tracey Walker battled away in their sets to win 12 games.

A close call in Men’s tennis:

Also on Tuesday night, the men played Round 8 of their Spring Competition at which two pairs tied to win the round with 25 games each.

They were Graham Watt and Arnold Brown and Andrew Becknell and Rod Freudenstein.

Graham Watt who was a fill in for Charles Harvey, levelled the first two sets 4 all, then went on to play good tennis to win 6/2, 6/2, 5/3.

Andrew and Rod also levelled two of their sets 4 all and won 8/0, 7/1 and lost the fourth set 2/6.

Matthew Clarke and John Walmsley won 20 games for the night after mixed results.

Their sets were 5/3, 4/4, 1/7, 7/1, 3/5. Matthew was a fill-in for Danny Joyce.

Stuart McKellar and Pat Hazell battled away in their tennis to win a total of 18 games after scores of 4/4, 0/8, 5/3, 4/4, 5/3. Leigh Taylor and Mark Liebich won 17 games and their sets were 4/4, 6/2, 3/5, 1/7, 3/5 and the other pair taking part in the 8th Round, Ben Walker and Hugh Moffitt managed to win 15 games. Ben was a fill in for Grahame Edwards.

The men will now play Round 9 next Tuesday night, November 7, weather permitting.

A reminder to tennis players that social tennis is available on Thursday morning commencing at around 9 am- all welcome to come along and enjoy some friendly competition.

Country Club:

Please be advised that the club’s dining room is open every Sunday evening during the meat market and membership draw.

Christmas is just around the corner so why not book your work or club/ organisation Christmas party at the Country Club.

Club caterer, Tanya Mooney will offer a mouth watering smorgasbord or set menu to suit.

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