Weddin Mountain Muster

Gina Glover (Team Paint Girls) presents Don Robinson (President of the WMM committee) with the money they raised for Grenfell Can-Assist.
Gina Glover (Team Paint Girls) presents Don Robinson (President of the WMM committee) with the money they raised for Grenfell Can-Assist.

The final week of September saw the annual pilgrimage of intrepid horse riders to the Grenfell Showground for the Weddin Mountain Muster. We were so pleased to see many new faces along with those who have been coming diligently for years. This creates a wonderful feeling each day as people meet and those who have been before (many for over 10 years) share their experiences with people coming to the Muster for the first time.

This year became extra special with an initiative from the Team Paint Girls, raising money for  Grenfell Can-Assist. People were encouraged  to make a small donation and the dress up theme for Wacky Wednesday was green and gold. On the Friday night we were thrilled to see Gina Glover and the Team Paint Girls pass on the $1100 they raised to support Can-Assist. A huge thankyou to these wonderful, energetic and dedicated ladies as well as the generous participants of the 2017 Muster.

The Weddin Mountain Muster is supported by a wide range of businesses from Grenfell and surrounding towns for both the raffle and our supplies. We would like the thank the following businesses and individuals for their assistance: Mawhood's IGA Grenfell, Chris's Bakery, Grenfell Meat Barn, Mountain View Apiaries, Frank Fruedenstein, Giddy Up Gags and Bits, Ellis and Son's, Lachlan Fertilisers, Grenfell Pharmacy, Reid's Hardware, Oliver's Hardware, Jan Parlett's Country Experience, The Tin Cupboard, Grenfell Commodities, Mike's Menswear, Nicky Tucker, All Bare Natural Good Care, Kate Taylor, Jen Laing, Team Paint Girls and the Grenfell Post Office. Thankyou also to the Weddin Shire Council for their ongoing support of the event. 

We could not run the event without the landowners support. Year after year they happily let us trek over their farms with over a hundred horses and both the committee and all of the riders are incredibly grateful to you all.

My final thankyou is to my fellow Muster committee members. The hours that Megan Taylor and Bec Maslin put in every year at home on paperwork and phone calls is tedious but necessary. It is their hard work and dedication that allows the Weddin Mountain Muster to be such a seamless and splendid event. Don Robinson led the team as President in the build up and during the week and once again Virginia and her cooking crew did an absolutely amazing job feeding us all on the ride. Our road crew (led by Craig Livingston) keep us safe on the roads each year which is no easy task. Lastly, congratulations and thankyou to the committee riders for your efforts and stepping into new and challenging jobs when needed. This year was a tricky one with 2 weddings and the loss of Bec's mum. We struggled to have enough riders each day and those that were there had extra responsibilities. 

It was a pleasure once again to spend beautiful spring days doing what we love the most - riding our horses and sharing our love of Grenfell with our visitors. Until next year...thankyou Grenfell for your support of the Weddin Mountain Muster.