Local family plants 500m corridor

Congratulations to landowners Ian and Jenny Armstrong of Grenfell, who along with their son David, recently completed planting a corridor nearly 500m long.

The corridor connects to a remnant patch of vegetation containing some fallen timber and dead standing trees, all of which are important habitat for wildlife.

The property has Box Gum Woodland remnants and over thirty species of native birds recorded, including birds of prey, water birds, parrots and smaller birds such as silvereyes and thornbills.

The Armstrongs are looking forward to the rewards and advantages for both the natural environment and the farm production.  

“The planting will provide shelter and shade for stock as well as encourage new fauna species onto the farm”, said Ian. “I look forward to strolling through the planting in years to come and enjoying the fruits of our labour”.

The project was funded with assistance from Weddin Landcare's Environmental Grant for which recipients received up to $2,000 for projects that improve the environment, with a focus on threatened species of native plants, animals or plant communities and riparian plantings.

Priority was given to projects that used local native (indigenous) plants purchased from Weddin Community Native Nursery.

Call into the nursery today at 45 East Street, Grenfell and see the large range of plants on offer to suit  your property.

Ian and Jenny Armstrong planting their corridor.

Ian and Jenny Armstrong planting their corridor.