Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

Thank you for allowing me space in your newspaper to pass on my congratulations to the people of Quandialla who have put their heart and soul into raising funds for the family of little Macy Yerbury, who unfortunately was seriously burned in a terrible accident.

The people of this very small village and district have been raising money ever since to help her parents cover her medical costs.

They also held a special prayer service to pray for Macy’s recovery.

A few weeks ago the committee held a Spring Ball with lots of things raffled and an auction of some terrific prizes, fashions on the field, and goodness knows what else.

The Sydney Flower Markets and Growers even sent up flowers, free, to decorate the hall.

When all this was finished they had raised an amazing $44,358.40.

This is a wonderful achievement especially as it followed shortly after Caragabal, another very small village in the Weddin Shire and district, raised over $19,000 for cancer research.

It just goes to show what can be done if a few people with a lot of passion and know-how, and with God’s grace, can achieve.

Congratulations to everyone involved who worked so hard. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

Joan Smith



The Grenfell Record was privileged to attend another fundraiser for Macy just this week at the Quandialla Public School where they were joined by Caragabal and Bribaree public schools to hold a Pink Day. Be sure to grab next Wednesday’s edition of the Grenfell Record to read all about it and to see some great photos of this terrific event.


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