Vandals target toilets at Railway Station precinct.

Members of the Grenfell Lions’ Club are appalled by the recent vandalism carried out at the Railway Station precinct amenities block. 

The incident has been reported to the local police and anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

Long-standing secretary of the Grenfell Lions’ Club, Terry Carroll, had this to say regarding the vandalism.

Sometime during Sunday night a person/persons with little more to do have caused damage to the amenities block in the Lions Park at the Railway Station. 

Toilet seats were ripped off and the toilet holders were damaged and paper strewn around.

All of the toilet seats in the block were ripped off and toilet paper thrown around.

All of the toilet seats in the block were ripped off and toilet paper thrown around.

Normally these toilets are closed at night, but because of the large number of Recreational Vehicles staying in the park, they have been opened for their convenience. 

The Grenfell Lions Club is very disappointed that they will now have to lock the amenities block at night owing to the thoughtlessness and warped attitude of a small minority. 

Each day the Club receives written notes commending the Lions Club and the Weddin Shire for the beautiful surrounds and the clean, well kept amenities at the park. 

“The Grey Nomads” have even included the park on their WikiCamps app on their mobile phones/tablets as the place to stay.

Diamaged dispensers.

Diamaged dispensers.

Members of the Lions Club worked many long volunteer hours to build and support this convenience as well as the barbecue area and the children’s covered playground, not only for travellers, but the local public who use the facilities. 

Having met and spoken with some of the overnight campers, I find it very unlikely that they would stoop to this destruction. 

Perhaps we have some misguided youth with nothing to do or perhaps a disgruntled ratepayer!

Whoever you are please wake up to yourselves!”