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Lions Terry Carroll and Chris Moran presenting a cheque to Voices Against Violence committee members..
Lions Terry Carroll and Chris Moran presenting a cheque to Voices Against Violence committee members..

The Grenfell Lions Club supported the White Ribbon Day Voices Against Violence Day where special guest Angela Barker with her parents Helen and Ian delivered an outstanding presentation to all those present.

Angela Barker is an inspirational young woman who grew up in rural Victoria.

At age 16 Angela was brutally physically assaulted by her ex-boyfriend and suffered severe brain damage.

The prognosis was she would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of her life.

Now age 32, through continuous therapy, ongoing operations and Angela’s strength and determination, she continues to inspire everyone with her ongoing recovery.

Angela educates communities on healthy relationships and promotes anti-violence messages, talking to thousands of students, men, women, workers and Politicians.

As of 2011, Angela has shared her story with over 10,000 teens across Australia and internationally. 

She was chosen as one of 15 women to meet at the UN for a four-day conference on activism and policy. 

She has worked with the Young People in Nursing Homes Alliance, and represented young people at multiple Australian Labor Party conferences.

In 2015, she was the special guest at a White Ribbon Day march in Lakemba.

Angela has received many awards due to her experience and the work she does to highlight the “No to Violence” message.

Members of the Lions Club cooked a sausage sizzle for more than 135 people, including students of THLS who were in the audience.

From the proceeds of the day, the Club donated $300 to the Grenfell Voices Against Violence Committee.

President of the Grenfell Lions Club, Chris Moran and Secretary Terry Carroll made the presentation to Elly Schiller, the social worker and members of the Voices Against Violence Committee at Grenfell Community Health.

The Lions Club received a certificate of Appreciation for their contribution.