Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

It seems John Hetherington, LTE G.R. October 4, 2017,  is happy with a benevolent dictatorship. But hang on a minute, who's tax money is it?  

Both John and I attended the candidate forum at Young Town hall on October 4, 2017 and I would expect a different conclusion to the debate.  For mine Charlie Sheahan had a far better comprehension of the issues and proposed community based solutions.

Stephanie Cooke vigorously defended the legacy of Katrina Hodgkinson and promised more of the same. The Police 're-engineering'  is the latest issue in this attempted baton change. 

"Boots on the ground, boots on the ground" like a stuck record player.  No community consultation, not even Local Government level and a prospective member of Parliament not even prepared to question the process. 

The exact words are recorded but I cringed when Stephanie told the audience how wonderful the Police were  (I agree with that) but she would support whatever they wanted. 

Same old, same old as Katrina and Local Land Services, Council amalgamations etc, etc.

I asked a question of the candidates, " How is it that a million cattle have died recently in Queensland droughts and N.S.W. Stock Routes have grass higher than fences and present extraordinary fire danger ?"   

Charlie Sheahan answered that the Local Land Services was a cost cutting exercise that had lost experienced staff and cut services and was now largely ineffective. 

Matt Stadtmiller answered that the T.S.R's were part of out heritage and he had been droving with his Grandfather. 

There were bio security issues that needed to be checked.  Stephanie Cooke declined to answer.   

Bureaucratic control, incompetence and community exclusion are some of my issues and the Nationals have made it quite clear if elected we are in for a further dose of the same. 

With the Nationals in fantasy land and Katrina appearing in ads, my brave little mate the Oooomanakker bird told me he thought the Nationals campaign was another Mother Goose pantomime. 

John Niven

Bimbi/ Young