The Editor

Mr Niven's scatter-gun approach to his perceived ills affecting regional, state and federal issues do nothing to address solutions other than to say the Liberal/National coalition is to blame.

Facts speak otherwise for our Weddin Shire.

Over the past 12 months and with the strongest support and representation from Katrina Hodgkinson, a total  in excess of $20 million has been allocated to the Weddin Shire for:

1.Sewerage  Treatment Works   2. New Swimming Pool    3. Flood Damage Works    4. Regional Roads Block- Grant     5. Regional Roads Repair Program.    6. A new Ambulance Station     7. Blacks Bridge Upgrade     8. Financial Assistance Grant       9. Roads to Recovery Grant      10. Grenfell Medical Centre Development    

The recently announced up-grade of the Grenfell TAFE will address the urgent need of pre-employment and post-employment training and will be modeled  on the magnificent new TAFE facility at Young.

All these are multi-million dollar projects. 

In addition Weddin Shire remains strong as a 'stand-alone' Council and now 'Fit-for-the Future'.

This has all been in response to local needs and requirements by the Liberal/National State Government and the unfailing support of Katrina Hodgkinson on the Shire's behalf.

Katrina's role and example will be ably filled by Steph Cooke, the endorsed National Party candidate, in the forthcoming by-election.

Yours faithfully,

John Hetherington

Secretary, Grenfell Branch , National Party

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Letter to Editor