NRMA advises motorists to fill up now to avoid long weekend petrol spike

BEST TIME TO FILL UP: The NRMA is advising motorists to head to the petrol station before any long weekend journeys.
BEST TIME TO FILL UP: The NRMA is advising motorists to head to the petrol station before any long weekend journeys.

MOTORISTS heading away for the long weekend are being advised to fill up the petrol tank before Friday afternoon if they hope to avoid being stung at the bowser.

The NRMA is warning drivers to expect price rises on both unleaded and diesel fuels across the three-day span as service station operators look to capitalise on the increased volume of traffic on the roads.

There’s already been evidence of a spike in petrol prices, with regular unleaded costing an average of 0.4 cents per litre more in regional NSW than it did a week ago.

It’s a similar story with diesel, which has risen in price by about 0.5 cents per litre across the same seven-day stretch.

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said with prices expected to rise to around $1.40 pre litre of unleaded fuel in Sydney in the coming days, motorists should look to fill up now before heading away.

“The gap between the cheapest and most expensive service stations can be up to 35 cents per litre,” Mr Khoury said.

“With prices expected to rise in the coming days that gap could worsen, so it’s important to do your research and fill up as soon as possible.”

Mr Koury advised “the average family could save as much as $20 on a tank of regular unleaded” with a stop at a metropolitan petrol station and, as such, the NRMA is urging families to fill up in Sydney if possible.

“You’re more likely to find a bargain there,” he said.

According to the State Government’s fuelcheck website, standard E10 ethanol-infused unleaded petrol can be found for as little as 109.9 cents per litre in Sydney.

The cheapest E10 fuel in the Central West is the 115.9 at Lithgow.


The cheapest E10 petrol in the Central West on Wednesday:

  • Lithgow – 115.9 cents per litre at Caltex Woolworths
  • Grenfell – 117.9 at Enhance
  • Bathurst – 117.9 at Metro Petroleum
  • Cowra – 122.9 at United Petroleum
  • Orange – 123.7 at United Petroleum
  • Mudgee – 124.9 at Caltex and Shell
  • Dubbo – 125.5 at United Petroleum
  • Wellington – 125.7 at Caltex Woolworths
  • Blayney – 125.9 at Westside
  • Parkes – 127.9 at Caltex Woolworths
  • Young – 127.9 at BP
  • Forbes – 132.9 at Independent.

The cheapest diesel in the Central West on Wednesday:​

  • Orange – 115.9 cents per litre at Metro
  • Grenfell – 117.9 at Metro
  • Cowra – 118.9 at Metro Petroleum
  • Wellington – 118.9 at Metro Fuel
  • Forbes – 121.9 at Metro Fuel
  • Young – 121.9 at Metro Fuel
  • Bathurst – 124.7 at United Petroleum
  • Dubbo – 124.9 at United Petroleum
  • Blayney – 125.9 at Westside
  • Parkes – 126.9 at Pacific Mobil
  • Lithgow – 127.9 at BP
  • Mudgee – 130.9 at Lowes